G&B Coffee

Located in LA’s Grand Central Market, the ordered chaos of this shop compliments the hustle and bustle of the dozens of restaurants and stalls surrounding it.  With no in-house roasting program, G&B is free to pick and choose from the best roasters both in and out of the country.  This promises an awesome amount of variety and consistently great level of quality.

Coffee: 9/10

By Loren L. via Yelp
By Loren L. via Yelp

G&B has great selection from several high quality roasters.  Highly qualified baristas means every cup is going to be something special.  The G&B Shake is a perfect afternoon pick-me-up for the warm, breezy Los Angeles summers and the signature almond macadamia milk makes for decadent warm treats to start off cool winter mornings.  For the coffee snob (or the traveling coffee blogger), the Business and Pleasure gives you the chance to try everything G&B has to offer featuring a double shot of espresso and an almond macadamia latte side by side followed with the house made Fizzy Hoppy Tea.

One point off for price.  I’m the first to argue for why a cup of coffee costs $3-$4, there are a lot of pieces to consider and people that need to be payed in the process.  But $6.50 for a mocha and $9.75 for a shake pushes the envelope a bit.

Atmosphere: 10/10

Location separates the good from the great and right now G&B sets the bar in my book.  In one of the most culturally vibrant locations in Los Angeles, Grand Central Market is a natural fit for a shop of G&B’s caliber.  5 minute parking 10 yards away provides easy access in a town where parking is always an issue and time is a commodity.  For those of us operating on a more leisurely pace, G&B provides counter service where you can sit and enjoy the crowds that the market draws.

Staff: 10/10

I’m a sucker for bar service.  It gives the baristas a chance to do their job the right way without the time constraints of standard register ordering.  G&B has A list employees and the bar set up makes them the focal point of this entire show.  From the moment you sit down to the moment you leave, you will have a barista making you experience special.


Overall: 9.6/10

Selected for my Best of 2015 list, G&B is a pinnacle of the craft coffee experience.  What really makes this shop shine is the people they put on their stage.  An awesome barista instantly improves the entire experience and can make a mediocre shop into a good one.  When the shop is already good, awesome baristas make it one of a kind.


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