3773 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77046

Sister shop to Siphon coffee (review here), CAVO brings more coffee to the scene in Houston’s Greenway neighborhood.  Greenway has had a monopoly on the craft coffee in this area and if you couldn’t guess by my review, I’m happy something different.   One of my biggest frustrations with the Houston coffee scene is that it is so centralized around Montrose.  I’m always in favor of shops spreading to new parts of town.

Greater coffee market opinions aside, CAVO does a decent job all around.  There isn’t any one area that is particularly impressive.  While it isn’t as flashy as Siphon, the space space is clean and flows nicely which is more important in my mind.  The combination of indoor and outdoor seating allows for a good amount of variety in the scenery and the varying table size makes this a great spot for a group of any size.

Coffee: 7/10


The coffee menu here is fairly standard.  I’m not surprised that it matches the Siphon menu so many of my thoughts still apply here, especially those on siphon brewing:

The coffee siphon is a beautiful piece of equipment that is exciting to watch.  There’s a reason it’s fallen out of style though; it doesn’t make great coffee.  They might try to argue with you, but it’s essentially a worse form of the french press that lacks an avenue for temperature control.  $7 for a cup of mediocre coffee isn’t worth the novelty in my mind.

Atmosphere: 8/10

While I personally feel modern style is too sterile, I can appreciate the intention and good execution.  The white walls, marble counters, and concrete floors are broken up by copper furnishings and wood accents which provide a little warmth to the space.  As I spoke to above, I’m a big fan of the location of this shop.  Greenway is a commercial space dominated by large corporate office buildings and the supporting infrastructure.  This means lots of awesome restaurants and apartments (and Lakewood Church if that’s your thing), but the coffee scene has been lacking.  This provides a great option for people looking for good coffee in the area.

Cavo has a substantial food menu and everything looks delicious.  I have yet to try anything though so that will be part of a later update here.

Staff: 7/10

My biggest issue with Siphon was the apathy of their staff.  My concern with CAVO was that I would experience it here as well due to the shared ownership.  In my limited experience so far, that has not been the case.  It’s surprising how far a smile goes toward making a customer feel welcomed.

Overall: 7.4/10

CAVO is your best pick if you’re in the neighborhood.  This isn’t the kind of shop I would make it a point to travel to go to though.  While it does everything a coffee shop should be expected to do, there isn’t anything particularly unique to the space that would justify special attention.  I can definitely see myself swinging by here after the lunch special at Oishi, the Japanese restaurant across the street, or Peppertree, an awesome vegan buffet a block west.



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