Boxcar* (Closed)

3350 Brighton Blvd
Denver, CO 80216

Unfortunately it seems this location has closed.  There is a Boxcar shop in Boulder, CO which might be worth checking out but I have not yet been.

Boxcar is was a cool little spot set inside Denver’s The Source, a weird market/hotel combo very similar to LA’s Grand Central Market but not as cool.  Most of Denver is experiencing some growing pains and this are is no exception.  Expect heavy construction making this place hard to access if you travel by car.  Once you get there though, Boxcar is a fun spot.  It’s a bare bones coffee bar with minimal seating that encourages you to walk around and explore the rest of what The Source has to offer.  What brought me here was a cool little novelty you can only find in Denver at the moment: boiled coffee.  Due to the altitude, boiling actually occurs at a temperature that won’t burn the coffee.  Like I said, it’s a novelty that isn’t a particularly great way of brewing coffee but it is fun to try once or twice.




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