Anthology Coffee*

1401 Vermont St
Detroit, MI 48216

Anthology was a spot that looked great on Google, but disappointed on arrival.  The shop itself shares space with it’s roasting program in a little corner of a larger warehouse building converted into a multi use facility.  When I visited this location, it screamed urban decay to me.  The parking lot was overgrown with plants and there was a rusting shipping container across some of the spaces.  The inside was equally unimpressive, it was cluttered and shared restrooms with a neighboring performing arts studio.  Looking on Google Maps now, it appears they’ve really cleaned up into something clean and manicured so you’re experience will likely be better than mine.

The coffee itself was good but took some time to prepare even though we were the only two being served.  They have an interesting approach where they offer a selection of single origin coffees on espresso rather than just one house blend which I appreciated.  While not a novel concept, it is a memorable one which is what is important to me as a customer.

Coffee: 8/10

Atmosphere: 5/10

Staff: 6/10

Overall: 6/10

IMG_9122IMG_9123IMG_9125 (1)IMG_9126 (1)IMG_9127IMG_9128


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